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Our team at NipponHippo provides the most comprehensive information on studying in Japan. We are dedicated to providing assistance in every facet of your journey. From visa applications to selecting your desired school to find accommodations and even part-time work. It can be daunting as a first-time foreigner in Japan fraught with potential setbacks such as cultural difference and language barriers. The team here at NipponHippo will solve all of your studies abroad concerns and problems to help guide you through your transition into Japanese life as fast as possible. Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary with support in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and more.


Visa Documentation

NipponHippo will provide assistance with a various visa application in Japan by conducting a one-to-one consultation with our client. We will help our client to fully understand the conditions and requirements to study abroad. A student visa application process usually takes 6 months from the date of documents submission for translation and review. Please contact our team directly for the detailed registration process.

Employment Support

Is it possible to work while studying in Japan? Can I stay in Japan after graduation? We understand that taking advantages and maximising any opportunity is what our candidates care of about. Working in tandem with numerous HR and recruitment agencies, we can arrange suitable employment opportunities, even before graduation, to ensure applicants can be settled into a company within 6-months.


One particular challenge for many foreigners is finding a place to call home. Renting a house or apartment in Japan requires a guarantor (someone to cover your rent in the event you are unable, Japanese preferred), gifts and key money (a non-refundable one-time payment to the landlord as thanks for allowing you to be a tenant). Generally these startup costs can be very high. Here at NipponHippo we understand the need for quick short to long term housing solutions. Our team of consultants can help select from our list of trusted hostel, Share House or real estate agents based on applicant requirements and financial status.

Medical Referrals

Being sick in a foreign country can be anxiety-inducing itself. The Japanese National health scheme can be overwhelming to navigate, and that's before seeing a doctor. We will help guide students through the basic procedure of visiting the hospital and/or annual health checkups. If your school or workplace requires medical reports, we will help arrange for students to go to the hospital for these mandated procedures and medical examinations.

Pre-Japan Prep Lesson

Before going abroad, we will arrange a free lecture to explain the relevant content of studying abroad, so that motivated students can prepare as early as possible.

Arrival Support

Our local Japanese support team will be of assistance to first-timers in Japan. Everyday necessities such as opening a bank account, applying for a SIM card, getting a health insurance card and enrolling in the pension program (required for those working in Japan) and other basic services. If ever applicants encounter any problems during the program, you can talk with our local Japanese team to make your study in Japan more secure and comfortable.

Enrollment Procedure

  • Step 1

    Contact us

  • Step 2

    1 to 1 consultation

  • Step 3

    Documentation translation & Processing

  • Step 4

    Visa application

  • Step 5

    Team Support in Japan

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Grim Yoong

Qualifications: Graduated from a Japanese language school (2013 -2015), graduated from Kansai Honda Technical College (2015~2017).

In the first half of the year before graduation, Honda Cars was officially appointed as a formal member and successfully took office.

Advice for future international students: I have been interested in cars since I used to, and I always want to work in a related industry! Once you have set your goals, you will study at Honda's direct specialized school in Japan, graduate and work. Living in Japan is a dream for many people. As long as you are willing to study, you will definitely find a job that suits you. I hope that people who have dreams will have the courage to take that step!

Grim Yoong

Nationality: Malaysia

Qualifications: Graduated from a language school (2015-2017), graduated from Japan Institute of Photography and Film (2017-2019).

Three months before graduation, P-Cube Media Imaging Company was officially appointed as a formal member and successfully took office.

Advice for future international students: Japan has realized my dreams! Now I enjoy working on making videos, TV interviews, and various image designs. Without the courage I've acquired living in Japan, I may have been just a young man without a goal. If you are interested in animation, 3D design, director, etc., you must grasp the opportunity to study in Japan, you will know yourself again!

Kelvin Chow

Nationality: Indonesia

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