Why Choose Nippon Hippo?

Nippon Hippo provides the most comprehensive information on studying abroad in Japan. Our team is dedicated to providing assistance in every facet of your journey from visa application, to selecting your desired school, to finding accommodation, and even part-time work. As a foreigner moving into Japan for the first time, cultural differences and language barriers may be potential setbacks for you. Don't worry, the team in Nippon Hippo will solve all of your concerns and problems to help guide you through a transition adapting into Japan lifestyle seamlessly as possible. Our team are equipped to assist you regardless of where you come from! We can support you in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and more.


Mission Statement

The talent shortage in Japan workforce open doors to welcome foreigners to study, live and work in Japan. Compared with foreigners from Asia - China, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines have the top pool of talents flowing into Japan - Malaysia rank amongst the lowers. Reason being Malaysians have very little exposure to Japan's living and working environment. Truth is, Japan is statistically cheaper in tuition fees and living expenses compared to USA, UK, and other EU countries. Being an international graduate greatly increases the success rate when applying for a working Visa in Japan, along with better salaries and employment benefits.