Terms & Conditions

** By submitting payment, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions. **

Refund Policy

1) Cancellations due to Personal reason

First Stage Payment: 

  • There will be a 80% refund if the refund application is made within 60 calendar days before the application deadline. 
  • There will be a 50% refund if the refund application is made within 30 calendar days before the application deadline. 
  • There will be no refund on and after the application deadline has ended. 
  • The refund of School Fee is subject to cancellation policy by the school. 

Accommodation Fee Deposit is not refundable.

2) Cancellations due to Natural disasters (Such as floods, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis etc.)

First Stage Payment: 

  • There will be a 80% refund if the refund application is made within 60 calendar days before the application deadline. 
  • There will be a 50% refund if the refund application is made within 30 calendar days before the application deadline. 
  • There will be a 50% refund on and after the application deadline has ended.
  • The refund of School Fee is subject to cancellation policy by the school. 

Accommodation fee deposit is not refundable.

**Calendar Days include every day shown on the calendar including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Working Days include only business days. Weekends and company/public holidays are not included**

3) Refund process will take up to 30 working days.

4) Miscellaneous payment (wifi payment, utility deposit etc.) that requires Nippon Hippo to make payment in advance will not be refundable.

On Site Support

3 months on site support will be activated and effective from the student’s arrival date. Students are expected to
be independent after 3 months. Detailed coverage of Nippon Hippo’s service is available in “Nippon Hippo On-site
Support” handbook. Under most circumstances, the on-site support will be conducted online. Nippon Hippo
reserves the rights to determine the types of actions to be taken to support students on the issues encountered
by the student. In the case whereby Nippon Hippo determines that the situation can be resolved remotely online,
Nippon Hippo will conduct the support online. Vise Versa, in the case of emergency Nippon Hippo will arrange an
on site support team to provide physical support instantly. For any form of support outside of Nippon Hippo
On-site Support Handbook, Nippon Hippo reserves the right to not provide our support regarding the matter.

**Remark: Nippon Hippo will provide unlimited support on accommodation & job recommendation matters.**

Admission and Academic Performance

Nippon Hippo will not be liable or responsible for student’s personal conduct and academic results in Japan. Students are reminded to be responsible for personal beings, academic attendance and academic results. Nippon Hippo will not be held responsible for any case of students being expelled by school administration or volunteer withdrawal.

Criminal Behavior

Nippon Hippo will not be liable or responsible for student’s misconduct in Japan. Students will personally be held liable for any misconduct done in Japan. Please be reminded that students must obey the law and behave only within the freedom set by Japan’s constitution.

Employment Support

Prior to graduation, Nippon Hippo will guide students to participate in job seeking events and arrange potential job interviews. In the case due to personal low performance or under qualified Japanese language proficiency, Nippon Hippo will not take responsibility for any reasons if students are not employed after going through Nippon Hippo’s employment support program.

Accommodation Management

Students are required to make upfront payment and security deposit for the tenancy prior to arrival in Japan. According to the standard landlord practice, security deposit will be partially returned to the tenant or to be used as cleaning and maintenance fee upon termination of tenancy.

Policy Terms

  1. Upon initial payment, you as the traveller hereby agree to all of the aforementioned terms and conditions. All matters and/or conflict from this programme arising between Nippon Hippo and the traveller(s) are subject to the law set by the Malaysian Government. The service of any IATA or non-IATA carrier may be used.
  2. It is also the traveller’s responsibility to thoroughly read through the terms and conditions that are listed. Failure to fully understand the terms that have been pre-decided will not result in any form of compensation.
  3. Nippo Hippo reserves the right to change, amend, and/or alter any of the policies, promotions, pricings, and/or terms and conditions at any time. The person(s) that may be affected by the terms and conditions shall bear the full consequences and/or action(s), if any, that may be imposed onto the individual.
  4. You are advised to check our website or to request for the latest version of the Terms and Conditions from Nippon Hippo prior to booking. No variation of these Conditions shall apply unless confirmed in writing by or on behalf of Nippon Hippo. These terms and conditions constitute the whole agreement between the parties and supersede any prior promises, representations, undertakings or implications, whether written or oral.
  5. Arbitration against Nippon Hippo must be commenced within one week following the date of tour completion. Neither Nippon Hippo nor any affiliate shall in any case be liable for other than compensatory damages, and you hereby waive any right to punitive damages.


  1. Minimum age of 17 years old and above.
  2. For travellers who are under 17 years old, a parent’s companion or written consent is required.
  3. Programme may be postponed if the minimum number of travellers are not reached by the time the trip is supposed to begin.
  4. In the event that governmental bodies restrict or limit the trip’s access to services or entertainment spots, the travellers have the right to transfer their trip to another intake. No refunds are allowed under personal or uncontrollable circumstances.


Payment Details

  1. All prices noted on the price list of Nippon Hippo does not include bank transactional fees and/or foreign exchange rate differences.
  2. A 50% deposit will be required to secure your booking. 
  3. This deposit may be refunded should there be a delay or technical difficulty from Nippon Hippo, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan only with the discretion of Nippon Hippo.
  4. This deposit may not be refunded should there be any incident(s) that are caused (or applied by) the traveller(s) themselves.

Payment Methods

  1. Payments are accepted through Internal Bank Transfer, Online Banking and/or Credit Card / Debit Card.
  2. A Proof of Payment is to be submitted to the admin, for future reference and administrative recording purposes.

Refund & Cancellation

  1. Fees paid are strictly non refundable if a traveller would like to withdraw from the course due to personal reasons before, during or after commencement of the trip.
  2. In the event that the programme the traveller has applied for has been postponed / cancelled due Nippon Hippo, the traveller is allowed to switch to another intake of the same programme, or a similar programme or get a full refund. 
  3. For credit card payment, a processing fee of 4% of the full payment will be charged which is non-refundable under any circumstances. The processing fee might vary depending on the bank’s policy changes in the future.
  4. The prices quoted by Nippon Hippo are subject to change without notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as fluctuation in exchange rates, increases in land and airfare costs.
  5. The exchange rates of foreign currencies to Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) (or United States Dollars (USD) or any other foreign currencies for that matter) will vary depending on the bank (or service) used, thus affecting the total charge for each individual payment.
  6. Once we have issued your invoice and subject to us having received a deposit payment or the payment of the price in full there will be no changes to the price of your vacation. It is your responsibility to check that the details of the invoice are accurate. Any additional requests not included on the invoice do not form part of the Contract.
  7. The intake will be cancelled if the minimum number of 3 students is not reached.

Disruptions, Obstacles & Challenges

General Disruption

  1. Please note that Nippon Hippo reserves the right to accept and cancel reservations for travellers who join our programme(s) at our discretion. Nippon Hippo will make every attempt to balance the group with the best interests of all travellers in mind.
  2. In the case where our team anticipates potentially unproductive results or negative outcomes to the fellow travellers or the tour due to physical, mental, and/or psychological disruptions by another fellow traveller, Nippon Hippo reserves the right to cancel the reservation(s) of the disruptive traveller(s). As such, the traveller(s) will be held responsible for any penalties incurred.
    • Should there be an attempt to break the law of the local municipality (or of Japan), the traveller(s) will be expelled from the trip from there onwards. The traveller(s) will also be subject to the enforcement of law by the authorities. 
    • The traveller(s) are also aware that once they are expelled from the trip, Nippon Hippo will no longer be responsible or liable for any of the upcoming actions or plans, including the costs that will come with it.
  3. When booking any of Nippon Hippo’s tours, you accept and condone full responsibility for the proper conduct of you and your party during the tour(s). Nippon Hippo will not be liable to you if you cannot complete the tour as a result of the behaviour of you or your party during the tour in particular but not limited to an airline considering you or anyone in your party unfit to travel.
    • The traveller(s) agrees to not bring any other person(s), which have not been registered with the trip(s). Failure to abide by this rule will result in the forfeit of the registered traveller’s trip, and the costs that have been paid by them.
    • The traveller(s) agrees to not bring any pets or animals, regardless if the accommodation(s) and/or the transportation provided permits it or not. Failure to abide by this rule as well will result in the forfeit of the registered traveller’s trip, and the costs that have been paid by them.
  4. You agree to indemnify Nippon Hippo against any claims, losses, demands, costs and other expenses which the company may incur as a result of any damage to property, person or accommodation, being refused travel, or diversion of your flight as a result of the behaviour of you or your party.
  5. Nippon Hippo reserves the right to accept or reject any person as a traveller; to expel any participant from the vacation; to make changes in the itinerary whenever Nippon Hippo deems it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of the participants; and to cancel a tour at any time.

Natural Disasters, Political Instability, etc.

  1. Travellers shall not be allowed to claim for any indemnity if cancellation is caused by the forces of nature or for any reason relating to the traveller’s safety.
  2. Some modifications to original itineraries may be possible, but are left to the discretion of Nippon Hippo, and/or the underlying conditions that may be faced by both parties.
  3. If an agent or supplier refuses or is unable to facilitate a request for an itinerary change, the above cancellation policy shall apply.
  4. Civil or religious celebrations, strikes and demonstrations within the entire duration of the trip are likely to cause modifications in the tours or visits for which Nippon Hippo should not be held liable.
  5. Nippon Hippo shall not be liable for nor be in breach of the terms and conditions for any delay in the performance or any non-performance of Nippon Hippo’s obligations under these terms if the delay or non-performance is due to a circumstance(s) beyond the reasonable control of the company, including but not limited to acts of God, war or threat of war, terrorist activity, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions.
  6. By the 1st of November 2022, should there be no further updates towards the opening of Japanese international borders, the travellers are to expect some changes towards the overall planning of the study and travel programme.


  1. Twin share accommodation is based on twin or double-bedded rooms, which is allocated by the hotel. It is normal hotel practice to supply triple accommodation on the basis of a twin or double bed plus a roll-away bed.
    • Single room accommodation must be reserved by people travelling alone and is subject to the payment of the applicable single supplement.
  2. While Nippon Hippo makes every effort to ensure accuracy in hotel information and descriptions, we are reliant on accommodations to give us accurate details. Since they are constantly changing facilities and services, we cannot be liable for any errors or omissions.
    • If any feature is of critical importance to your vacation, it is the traveller’s responsibility to ask Nippon Hippo to check whether those features will be available at the time of occupancy at the given accommodation.
  3. Nippon Hippo will try our best to provide our travellers with the most comfortable experience we possibly can, but it is the travellers’ responsibility to check the itinerary prior to providing the payment requested, as doing so will indicate that the traveller(s) agree to the pre-decided accommodation(s).
  4. If during peak holiday periods we are unable to confirm the specified accommodation, you will be assigned an accommodation of a similar standard as mentioned in our itineraries.


  1. Nippon Hippo determines the daily activities of each tour, appoints the various guides and organises accommodation in Japan. The time spent in each city is naturally dependent on your time of arrival and departure.
    • If delays, alterations, weather or technical problems occur, this may result in less time being spent at your next destination and substitutions may occur of a similar value.
    • Itineraries are subject to alteration if airline schedules are amended or other conditions require it.
  2. Nippon Hippo does not accept any liability for failure on the part of the transportation companies whose responsibility is confined to his or her own operations.
    • Nippon Hippo reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel all or any of the arrangements contained in the itineraries. Nippon Hippo, or its Associate/s whilst taking every care with the passenger’s luggage or property, shall not accept any liability for damage, loss or inconvenience in the handling thereof.
    • The passage contracts in use by the transport companies or firms concerned shall constitute the sole contract between the transport companies or firms and the purchaser of these tours and/or passengers.
    • Traffic conditions that result from traffic accidents, weather conditions, or other traffic issues that are out of Nippon Hippo’s control will not hold the company responsible for schedule delays.
    • Should the traveller(s) decide to diverge from the original itinerary, the traveller(s) shall be fully responsible for their own travels and/or manoeuvres from and to whatever locations they wish to travel towards.
    • The traveller(s) have the option to meet up with the travel group at a pre-decided time and location, Failure to do so will result in a complete forfeit of the rest of the travel programme, and the fees that have been paid.
    • The traveller(s) will also be responsible to find their own means to travel to meet up with the group, whenever applicable.
  3. Air carriers, accommodations, and other suppliers (including but not limited to trains, cruises, ferries, motorcoaches, hotels, and restaurants) providing services are independent contractors and are not agents, employees, servants, or joint venturers of Nippon Hippo or its affiliates.
  4. Any liability in respect of transportation failure including but not limited delay in your outward or inward flight/s, whether the cancellation or delay is caused by the weather, airline rescheduling, industrial action or mechanical failure. Nippon Hippo will give no refunds or compensation for lost time and services from the itinerary due to delayed or cancelled flights or delayed or cancelled public buses, trains or other forms of transport included in the traveller(s) itinerary.


  1. After departure, if the services included in the tour cannot be supplied or there are changes in an itinerary for reasons beyond the control of Nippon Hippo, Nippon Hippo will arrange for the provision of comparable services. Any resulting additional expense will be the responsibility of the traveller(s).

Passport & Visa

  1. Each traveller must carry a valid passport, which has not expired, from the traveller’s registered governmental body. Visas are the responsibility of the traveller, we urge you to check with all relevant consulates and/or embassies prior to travel. Some Visas are required for travellers of certain nationalities.

Travel Insurance

  1. We strongly recommend that at the time of booking you purchase a travel insurance policy of your choice.
  2. Insurance coverage may not cover pre-existing conditions and may have other restrictions and exclusions. Consult the insurance carriers directly for details.
  3. The traveller(s) agrees that neither Nippon Hippo nor its affiliates shall be liable for any damage, loss (including personal injury, death, and property loss), or expense occasioned by any act or omission of any independent contractor providing services, any insurer or insurance administrator under the Travel Protection Plan, or any other person(s) involved.

Accidents/ Injuries/ Deaths

  1. Nippon Hippo and its affiliates shall not be held liable for any loss, damage or theft of personal belongings or luggage, and customers’ repatriation in case of illness, death or accident. Travellers are recommended to purchase travel insurance before travelling abroad, as it shall not be provided by Nippon Hippo, nor the partners that may be associated with the trip(s) provided.
  2. The international carriage of passengers is subject to international conventions and treaties, where applicable. These international agreements limit and, in some events, exclude the carrier’s liability to tour participants. Where any claim or part of a claim (including those involving death or personal injury) concerns or involves any travel arrangements (including the process of getting on or off the transport concerned) provided by any air, sea, inland waterways, rail, or road carrier or any stay in any accommodation, Nippon Hippo’s maximum liability is the maximum which would be payable by the carrier or the hotel keeper concerned under the applicable international convention, treaty, or regulation applicable to the travel arrangements or hotel stay in that situation.


  1. 客户在首次付款后,即表示同意下述所有条款和条件。Nippon Hippo 与客户之间因本计划产生的所有事宜和/或冲突均受马来西亚政府法律管辖。可使用任何国际航空运输协会(IATA)或非国际航空运输协会承运商的服务。
  2. 旅客也有责任仔细阅读所列条款和条件。如果未能完全理解事先确定的条款,将不会获得任何形式的赔偿。
  3. Nippo Hippo 保留随时更改、修正和/或变更任何政策、促销、价格和/或条款与条件的权利。受条款和条件影响的个人应承担可能对其施加的全部后果和/或行动(如有)。
  4. 建议您在预订前查看我们的网站或向 Nippon Hippo 索取最新版本的条款和条件。除非经 Nippon Hippo 或代表 Nippon Hippo 书面确认,否则不得对本条款进行任何更改。这些条款和条件构成双方之间的全部协议,并取代任何先前的书面或口头承诺、陈述、保证或暗示。
  5. 针对 Nippon Hippo 的仲裁必须在旅行结束后一周内开始。在任何情况下,Nippon Hippo或任何关联公司均不承担补偿性赔偿以外的责任,您在此放弃任何惩罚性赔偿的权利。


  1. 最低年龄为 17 岁及以上。
  2. 未满 17 岁的游客需有父母陪同或书面同意。
  3. 如果在行程开始时未达到最低人数要求,行程可能会推迟。
  4. 如果政府机构对旅行中的服务或娱乐场所进行限制,旅行者有权将其旅行改期。在个人或无法控制的情况下,不允许退款。


  1. Nippon Hippo 价目表上的所有价格均不包括银行交易费和/或外汇兑换差价。
  2. 您需要支付 50% 的订金以确保您的预订。
  3. 如果Nippon Hippo或日本外务省出现延误或问题,则Nippon Hippo将酌情退还押金。
  4. 如果发生任何由客户自身造成(或适用)的事故,则此押金不予退还。


  1. Nippon Hippo接受通过银行转账、网上银行和/或信用卡/借记卡付款。
  2. 请将付款证明提交给管理员,以备日后参考和行政记录之用。


  1. 如果客户在旅行开始之前、期间或之后因个人原因退出课程,已支付的费用将不予退还。
  2. 如果客户申请的课程因Nippon Hippo 的原因而推迟/取消,客户可改选相同课程或类似课程,或获得全额退款。
  3. 对于信用卡付款,我们将收取全额付款 4% 的手续费,该手续费在任何情况下均不予退还。手续费可能会根据银行政策的变化而变化。
  4. 如遇汇率波动、陆路和航空费用增加等意外情况,Nippon Hippo 所报价格可能会发生变化,恕不另行通知。
  5. 外币兑换马来西亚林吉特(MYR)(或美元(USD)或任何其他外币)的汇率将根据所使用的银行(或服务)而有所不同,从而影响每笔付款的总费用。
  6. 一旦我们开具了您的发票,并且在我们收到定金或全额付款后,您的度假价格将不会有任何变化。您有责任检查发票上的详细信息是否准确。发票上未包含的任何额外要求均不构成合同的一部分。
  7. 如果未达到最少 3 名学生的人数,则将取消招生。



  1. 请注意,Nippon Hippo 保留自行决定接受或取消参加我们项目的客户预订的权利。Nippon Hippo 将尽一切努力在考虑所有客户最佳利益的基础上平衡团队。
  2. 如果我们的团队预计,由于其他游客的身体、精神和/或心理干扰,可能会对其他客户或旅行产生不良结果或负面影响,Nippon Hippo保留取消干扰客户预订的权利。因此,客户将承担由此产生的任何罚款。
    • 如果试图违反当地(或日本)的法律,客户将被驱逐出旅行。客户还将接受当局的执法。
    • 旅行者也必须知道,一旦被开除,Nippon Hippo 将不再对即将发生的任何行为或计划负责或承担责任,包括随之产生的费用。
  3. 当您预订Nippon Hippo的任何旅游项目时,您接受并同意对您和您的团队在旅游期间的适当行为承担全部责任。如果由于您或您的团队在旅行期间的行为导致您无法完成旅行,特别是但不限于航空公司认为您或您的团队中的任何人不适合旅行,Nippon Hippo将不对您承担任何责任。
    • 客户同意不携带任何其他未登记参加旅行的人员。不遵守此规定将导致已报名的客户丧失旅行资格,并取消其已支付的费用。
    • 客户同意不携带任何宠物或动物,无论提供的住宿和/或交通是否允许。如果不遵守这一规定,注册客户的行程和已支付的费用将被取消。
  4. 您同意赔偿 Nippon Hippo 因您或您的同行人员的行为造成的财产、人身或住宿损害、旅行被拒、航班改道而可能产生的任何索赔、损失、要求、费用和其他支出。
  5. Nippon Hippo 保留以下权利:接受或拒绝任何人的出行;将任何参与者驱逐;在 Nippon Hippo 认为对参与者的舒适、便利或安全有必要时更改行程;以及随时取消旅行。


  1. 如因自然因素或任何与客户安全有关的原因而取消行程,客户不得要求任何赔偿。
  2. 原定行程可能会有一些修改,但这取决于Nippon Hippo的决定和/或双方可能面临的基本条件。
  3. 如果代理商或供应商拒绝或无法满足更改行程的要求,则适用上述取消政策。
  4. 在整个旅行期间的民事或宗教庆典、罢工和示威游行可能会导致旅游或参观的变更,Nippon Hippo对此不承担任何责任。
  5. 如果由于公司无法合理控制的情况(包括但不限于天灾、战争或战争威胁、恐怖活动、暴乱、内乱、劳资纠纷、自然灾害或核灾难、火灾或恶劣天气条件)导致Nippon Hippo延迟履行或不履行其在本条款下的义务,Nippon Hippo不承担任何责任,也不违反本条款。
  6. 直到 2022 年 11 月 1 日,如果日本的国际边境开放没有进一步的更新,那么旅行者的学习和旅行计划的整体规划将会发生一些变化。


  1. 双床房是由酒店分配的双床或双人床房间。通常情况下,酒店提供的三人住宿是以一张双人床或双人床外加一张折叠床为基础的。
    • 单人客户必须预订单人间住宿,并支付适用的单人间附加费。
  2. 尽管 Nippon Hippo 尽力确保酒店信息和说明的准确性,但我们仍依赖住宿设施为我们提供准确的详细信息。由于住宿设施和服务不断变化,我们无法对任何错误或遗漏负责。
    • 如果有任何功能对您的假期至关重要,客户有责任要求 Nippon Hippo 确认在入住指定住宿时这些功能是否可用。
  3. Nippon Hippo 将尽最大努力为客户提供最舒适的体验,但客户有责任在付款前检查行程,因为这样做将表明客户同意预先确定的住宿。
  4. 如果在假期高峰期,我们无法确认指定的住宿,我们将为您安排行程中提到的类似标准的住宿。


  1. Nippon Hippo 负责确定每个旅行团的日常活动、指定各种导游并安排在日本的住宿。在每个城市逗留的时间自然取决于您抵达和离开的时间。
    • 如果出现延误、改动、天气或技术问题,可能会导致您在下一个目的地花费的时间减少,也可能会出现类似价值的替代地点/活动。
    • 如果航空公司修改了航班时刻表或其他情况需要,行程可能会有改动。
  2. Nippon Hippo 不对航空公司的失误承担任何责任,航空公司的责任仅限于其自身的运营。
    • Nippon Hippo 保留更改、修改或取消行程中所有或任何安排的权利。Nippon Hippo 或其关联公司在对乘客的行李或财产进行妥善保管的同时,不承担任何在处理过程中造成的损坏、损失或不便的责任。
    • 有关运输公司或企业使用的通行合同应构成运输公司或企业与旅行团购买者和/或乘客之间的唯一合同。
    • 因交通事故、天气状况或其他非Nippon Hippo所能控制的交通问题而造成的交通状况,Nippon Hippo不承担行程延误的责任。
    • 如果客户决定偏离原定行程,则应自行承担往返任何地点的全部责任。
    • 客户可选择在预先确定的时间和地点与Nippon Hippo团队会合,否则将被视为完全放弃旅行计划的其余部分和已支付的费用。
    • 客户还需自行安排与旅行团会合的交通方式。
  3. 提供服务的航空公司、住宿和其他供应商(包括但不限于火车、游轮、渡轮、汽车、酒店和餐厅)均为独立承包商,并非Nippon Hippo或其关联公司的代理、雇员、仆人或合资企业。
  4. 任何与运输故障有关的责任,包括但不限于您的出发或到达航班的延误,无论取消或延误的原因是天气、航空公司重新安排、工业行动或机械故障。对于因航班延误或取消、公共巴士、火车或客户行程中的其他交通方式延误或取消而造成的时间和服务损失,Nippon Hippo将不予退款或赔偿。


  1. 出发后,如果由于Nippon Hippo无法控制的原因导致旅行团所含服务无法提供或行程发生变化,Nippon Hippo将安排提供相应的服务。由此产生的任何额外费用由旅客自行承担。


  1. 每位客户必须携带由其注册政府机构签发的有效护照,且护照未过期。签证由旅行者自行负责,我们建议客户在旅行前向所有相关领事馆和/或大使馆咨询。某些国籍的旅客需要办理签证。


  1. 我们强烈建议您在预订时购买一份旅行保险。
  2. 保险范围可能不包括投保前已存在的疾病,也可能有其他限制和除外责任。详情请直接咨询保险公司。
  3. 客户需同意Nippon Hippo或其关联公司不对任何提供服务的独立承包商、旅行保障计划项下的任何保险公司或保险管理人或任何其他相关人员的任何行为或疏忽造成的任何损害、损失(包括人身伤害、死亡和财产损失)或费用承担责任。


  1. Nippon Hippo及其附属公司不对任何个人物品或行李的遗失、损坏或被盗,以及客户因疾病、死亡或意外事故的遣返承担责任。建议客户在出国前购买旅行保险,因为Nippon Hippo或与所提供的旅行相关的合作伙伴不提供旅行保险。
  2. 国际旅客运输须遵守适用的国际公约和条约。这些国际协议限制并在某些情况下免除承运人对旅行团参与者的责任。如果任何索赔或索赔的一部分(包括涉及死亡或人身伤害的索赔)涉及或涉及由任何航空、海运、内陆水道、铁路或公路承运商提供的任何旅行安排(包括登上或离开相关运输工具的过程)或任何住宿,Nippon Hippo的最高赔偿责任是承运商或相关酒店管理人根据适用于该情况下的旅行安排或酒店住宿的适用国际公约、条约或法规应支付的最高赔偿责任。